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Visitor Center
Visitor Center, located in the entrance of OCT Gulou Waterfront Resort, serves as the first spot with comprehensive functions in tourist service, guest reception, dining and retailing, culture exhibition, real estate marketing, etc., showing the distinctive ecological and cultural elements of Gulou, and fulfilling tourists’ enjoyment of the Waterfront’s artistic charm of purity, nature and life beauty. It is a comprehensive public space designed with the theme of light wind under the lotus. A lotus leaf with a few crystal water drops under it. The outside is regular, while the inside is flexible. The shape is simple, clear, and unique, with lasting appeal. You are expected to enjoy relaxation and comfort owing to the breeze under the lotus, and start a life of living by the waterfrom now on.
Visitor Centre:
the lost and found
convenient medical kit
customer complaint
wheelchair service
rental: mobile power supply (Charge Pal), umbrella, etc
missing person registration
luggage deposit
pram service
Ticket Centre:
ticketing service
GOOD· beverage:
light food sale
LUCK · souvenir:
cultural and creative gift
Should you need instant assistance before departure or during your tour, please call Visitor Centre.
Visitor Center Tel:400 9300 033