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"Drifting in Dream" Boat Tour
A new upgraded fun trip

The fun of the Waterfront is on the two items, Shuttle boat and Wave Riding boat (VIP). Visitors on the boat enjoy the imprint of the water life imperceptibly. The boat is decorated with hemp fiber, gauze shade, fence, bamboo weaving handicraft, etc., showcasing the simple, pure and authentic folk customs in Gulou. Additionally, the windows of the stern are designed in a style of Chinese classical garden, connecting the space inside the boat and the world outside to realize the realm of “people in the boat, the boat in the scene, the scene in the heart”.

Boat tour is 6 kilometers long and takes about 45 minutes to travel. By travelling the three scenes of “go to the market”, “go fishing and farming”and “visit the art exhibition”, visitors enjoy Gulou’s sea of flowers and green corridors, small bridges and running water, frogs and birds chirping, running water and so forth. Along the way, you can also see other unique features in the Waterfront, such as the water wheel, melon and fruit scaffolding, silkworm rearing scaffolding, fishing nets, scarecrows, thatched huts, wooden man piles, plum blossom piles, etc.

Wave Riding Boat VIP (Recommended)

Price of trial operation: 90/per person

It can accommodate 10 persons.

Separate, swivel seats, fulfill visitors’ appreciation of the water style from multiple angles, and spend the quality time with relatives and friends Dexterous hull, transparent vision VIP customized line OCT Gulou Waterfront Resort customized drinking water and handkerchiefs

Shuttle Boat

Price of trial operation:90/per person

It can accommodate 28 persons

Parallel and fixed seats

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