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Jiangmen Bus 521

Heshan Terminal -- Gulou Waterfront: first bus 06:30am, last bus 20:30pm (departure interval 25-30 minutes)

Gulou Waterfront -- Heshan Terminal: first bus 07:10am, last bus 21:00pm (departure interval 25-30 minutes)

Notes: Some of the buses during 07:50am-18:10pm of Heshan Terminal are extended to Gulou Waterfront Wharf.

Buses from Gulou Waterfront Wharf to Heshan Terminal are 08:25am-18:45pm, and the terminus of the rest buses is Green Garden (Yatushi)

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For the ferry dock or Visitor Center, please search “OCT Gulou Waterfront Visitor Center”.
For Liangzan Cultural Park, please search “Liangzan Cultural Park”.
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Departure city, take a plane, to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, and then the whole journey about 90 minutes, to OCT Gulou Waterfront
From Guangzhou South Station, the whole journey takes about 39 minutes, to Jiangmen East Station, then take a taxi for about 1 hour, to OCT Gulou Waterfront